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Comfort Pius – “Niche”


A niche for me,
Where I can stretch my hands
atop someone who cares back,
and not feel the need to fidget
when they stir.

Where my speech isn’t bile
and the tone of my voice doesn’t pull hardly your intestines
where my presence doesn’t reek
and I don’t appear to you as an overstated introverted literate.

…could I pour my heart’s content without being overlooked?

A niche,
Where I can metamorphose with finesse
without ogling eyes darting at me,
pushing me towards at ultimatum
where I lose my sight.

Those eyes promptly look away
as I walk
staggering in darkness
waiting for a reaching hand,
an embrace
to lure me back to the light
and break free!

A niche,
a place where I’m home not away.

“Peace for me is living without looking over
my shoulders.”

when the fire in my belly starts to burn,
and the sun decides to lend me its Light,
and the sight of dreams being realized.

Just then…
I feel the Touch of Glory,
The crowning whisper of victory
Thoughts imbibing with pride
Powers that elude my being
An aching that divides me with doubt.

All imaginings come alive.
With the good and bad striking Perfect balance!

I smile.


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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