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Abdul-Gaffar O. Akiyode – “Quest for Personal Peace”

Every night, I lay in bed tossing all over.
My nightmares wouldn’t let me sleep so,
I mentally cast spells for the night to chameleon to day.
As it does, sleep would set in but another nightmare would begin.
The difference is, this nightmare is my reality.
Each day is like a walk through a tunnel. Only endless since I never see the light.
My nights are dark, my days are even darker.
Yet, I’m on a quest for personal peace.I constantly hear voices in my head, challenging my feeble sanity.
Each round I win, gets me closer to an imminent loss.
Sometimes, I think I’d get used to the pain and darkness
But the pain thrusts deeper and the darkness doesn’t give way to light.
I want to tell my pain really but no one lends me an ear.
A listener needs a listener too but no one seems to realize.
Should I tell the Big Man up? He might not recognize my voice.
Yet, I’m on a quest for personal peace.I’ve been in the dark too long, is there light at all?
Or perhaps, the tunnel is just a very long one.
Either way, I no longer want to be here.
I’ve been in search of a place where peace resides.
Amidst the chaos which is my life, I wear a smile.
I already found peace my friends think.
“Fake it till you make it”, is that such a bad thing?
I’ve been on this search for so long, this is my last straw.
I hope I find peace before the camel’s back breaks.

Photo by Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

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A’ishah Aliyureply
May 23, 2020 at 4:46 am

OMG! Yes please talk to the Big Guy up there, he listens to all without question, judgement and condemnation. The feeling of being a eccedentesiast resonates with me but not to worry better days are ahead where we shall smile brightly and truly.

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