About us

The Peace Exhibit is a collection of fine art portraits and literary works created by photographers, artists and writers around Africa with the aim to stir up conversations about mental health, depression and the search for the “personal peace” that eludes so many. 

This exhibition, through an array of fine art portraits and literary works that are both beautiful and heart-wrenching, will challenge you to see the world differently and learn empathy. The dark themes explored by the contributing photographers and writers represent the everyday experiences of people struggling with depression and anxiety. 

Birthed at a time plagued with uncertainty and fear, with global anxiety levels higher than most people have ever witnessed, we hope this project, though starting as a whisper, grows into a loud, undeniable global voice that speaks to people struggling with depression and says to them “YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE”.

Take time to enjoy the beautiful photographs created by the incredible artists whose works are exhibited here, read the heart-felt writeups by the prolific writers featured, share your favorites with the people you love and let us know if you’d like to see this live in a gallery near you once the scourge of COVID19 is behind us.


Chudy Ogobegwu

Host – The Peace Exhibition

We are incredibly grateful to the companies and individuals who have played a role in making this project successful.