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Abubakar abbas – “Stigmata”

Traces of myself
Littered about the floor
Hanging on the door
Spewing aforth the shelves.
Traces of my youth
Emblazoned on my skin
Frescoed on my shins,
Watermarks of the truth.
Shreds of my heart,
Pinned upon these walls,
Postcards from my mind’s halls,
Shadows in every part.
Droplets of my soul
Dried upon these pages
Debris from the ages
Retched from a gaping hole.
Scrawled Entries in a memoir
Upon Armour Unannealed,
My body, my C(sh)ell, the Battlefield:
“The enemy’s in the mirror”
Shrapnel from a mind’s war,
Declaring on every fallen flag.
Proclaiming on every bloody rag:
“Vanquished is the Victor.”


Photo by Josh Nuttall on Unsplash

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