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Ade Gloria – “Zero”

It all started from the cradle 

Child crawled late- Papa scores me zero

Yes, Child heard he did


Barely a toddler and sent to a box

The babysitter’s glasses were a string of zeroes

At least, that’s what the pictures say


The daily throng of Child’s heavy backpacks

Of Child high schoolers- books rec with zeroes

At least, that’s what the assessment says


Child’s brown files on the employers’ tables

Are a resounding symphony of yesteryear’s zeroes

That’s all Child sees now


One day, the crib shall crash 

Weights of mounting zeroes

Weights of lifeless papers


One day, no Adult shall grow out of the Child

For Child is drowned in the sea of zeroes

Under the pitiful eyesore of those glasses


Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

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