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Adeyemi Abayomi Olakunle – “Untitled”

Long enough to see the height of my shortcomings
My emotions, my thoughts, my shame, my feelings
They are long enough to embark on like a journey
I was born in the midst of a happy morning
I grew up in tears and cries every night
The cot I was laid to sleep had bugs that suck blood out of my dreams
Twenty-one years later I could sniff out the bugs before I sleep
A childhood that I had in the neighborhood
Father returned home in a scornful mood
He was sailed in the sea of his tears and blood
The blades of his machines needed hands and they took his two
His breaths are filled with echoes of regrets and loss
The hands that gave have become game
Mother kept living
She wore garments of fate to face every day
Her finances left before she could say goodbye
She kept saying don’t mention God in my case again
She died everyday seeing my father rot by her side
The only son is left to die
Humbled by the hunger of the day
Broken by the groans of the night
I fetch waters from my eyes to quench my thirst every day
I lost my voice trying to reach the heavens
Every turn I take led to shame and bitterness
But I pen this from the altar of my soul
I hope it reaches the address I am mailing it to
Peace Avenue, End depression road
Give me life again, I want to live.
Photo by Nada&Ninguem on Unsplash

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