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Agada Patience – “Tales of the depressed”

My search for peace and silence

within the ever-restless milieu of my mind,

has chewed away my light and night.

I am always awake at twilight

begging for the rain of death to fall.


I have fallen into the bitter embrace of sadness,

due to many rejection mails of futile attempts at greatness.

With no guide nor a ray of brightness,

I have trodden the path without happiness.


I hid my pains in plain sight,

Covered my struggles like train tracks.

I remain fixated in fears,

Slowly soaked in tears

Pondering on the sorrows of yesteryears.


I no longer hunger for food

my appetite has disappeared for good.

I am not a sight to behold,

I’m still young but I look old

a girl of twenty in the body of forty.


I wish you could see beyond the ” I’m fine, thank you”,

the troubled heart yearning for rest,

the drowning screams and daily prayers,

the lonely arms seeking comfort

and the silently loud whispers of “help help” echoing from deep within.


Then I heard a voice from the invisible

like a symphony of the redeemed:

” You’re part of the world’s puzzle,

don’t leave them clueless”.


Photo by Kairat Murataliev on Unsplash

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Olalekan Daniel Kehindereply
May 21, 2020 at 4:06 pm

“You’re part of the world’s puzzle, don’t leave it clueless.” Encouraging!

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