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Akudolu Nwabunwanne Nwakonobi – “Life” and “Depressed”

Life!!! Life!!! Oh Life!!!

Life Is Beautiful, Life Is Ugly

Life Is Tall, Life Is Short

Life Is Big, Life Is Small

Life I See Is Beautiful, Tall And Big


When I Look At Life, I Hope She Smiles At Me

Sometimes She Does, Then I May Not Know

Some Are Scared To Approach Her, But Not Me

I Wonder If Life Is Scared Of Me I ask Myself Why!! Why!!


I Love This Life, Does She Love Me

I Love This Life, But Life Does Not Love Me

Should I Leave Life Because She Deserted Me? 

No!! No!! No!! I Must Fight For Life

I must Fight For The Love Of My Life


I Long For Death Wonder What It Feels Like.

When It Comes Will It Embrace Me As I Long To Embrace It.

Many Run From It But Not Me For I See It As A Way For Peace And Freedom.

When There Is Death There Is Silence And Less Chios.

When There Is Death There Is No Regret And There Is Less Suffering.

Oh Death Where Art Thou.

Death Can Be Wicked Yet It Shows Mercy.

Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! For Death Laughs At The Weak For It Smells Their Fear But Shows Pity.

Am I A Coward For Choosing Death? But Yet It Despises Me.

No Longer Will I Run To Death For It Has No Answer To My Means.


Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

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