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Aremu idowu – “Depression and the search for personal peace”


I cried for help, they saw a smile, I seem fine.
The facade is peeling, tears dried up, scripts exhausted.
Where else is haven?
I cared enough to look in the mirror,
Horror seeped through.
The life I loved deserted me,
maybe it’s time to say Goodnight.


On this day…I feel empty
Is this the aftermath of the pain I pushed
so far away so I could continue living my lie?
The tears I refused to shed because the world was watching?
The aspirations I kept on filing religiously and as such was unable to fulfill?
I tried shedding those tears, tried reconnecting the dots
and retracing the missed steps, all to no avail
The abyss is calling, I’m neck-deep into the nothingness,
everything appeals so little…I feel empty


Search for Personal Peace

My beautiful companion in the dark abyss
Now I have found my freedom, but your shackles rein me in
Although I fight hard to be free, you took me down the dirty memory lane,
Cursing, taunting, shouting, your once titillating voice now laced with poison
You were my demon and I your muse,
together we loathed joy and abhorred peace
That which I despised now sings directly to my soul,
why then wouldn’t you let me go?


Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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