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Ayomide Adewale – “12 am Thoughts”

This chain feels too cold
This pain; too hot to bear.
I am suffocating.
I am dying.
Slowly and silently,
I am being slaughtered
And I would give up
Once the knife slits my throat.
These are my thoughts
At 12 am every morning.
At that moment,
When people smile at good morning messages from lovers–
The smile that gives a glow.
I get a blow from my thoughts.
The one that knocks me out throughout the day.
Well, I spoke to a therapist.
You don’t have to worry.
She is super beautiful,
And I just want to look that beautiful
When I’m 30.
And guess what?
I don’t need chemicals
All I need is chemistry.
So, as from today,
I’ll give a blow of kiss
To whoever makes me smile.
I’ll ignore the pessimists
I mean I’ll view life
through my rose painted spectacles.
And clear thorny thoughts of my farmland.
Photo by Yamon Figurs on Unsplash

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