Ekio Aziba-Laguayari – “The Jailer”

I hear its footsteps at all hours of the day.
It lurks behind the bars which hold me captive
I’m a prisoner in my own mind, held against my will.
Each time I try to escape;
I’m caught in a revolving door,
An interweaving maze that leads to back to this cell.

I am unable to sleep;
Breathing has become a burden.
I am unable to eat;
I refuse the scraps of isolation and misery;
Leftovers from yesterday and the day before it.

I’m not sure how long I can continue to hold strong;
How long I can continue to wake up to a colourless room;
A room devoid of windows and hope,
Of the brightness of the sun,
Of reason to carry on.

Some days, I wake up to the eyes of this jailer,
Staring at me with possessed intent.
I hear its whispers along the corridors,
Its condescending, cruel whispers that
parade through the walls of my mind.

I’ve become uncomfortable in my own skin.

How do I break out of this cell;
When will I learn to smile without that mask;
When will I be free of my jailer

who has imprisoned not just my body,
but my mind.

Photo by Denis Oliveira on Unsplash

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