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Esther Okoro – “Hope”

I knew all the colours of sadness
And the bland taste of anxiety
On the nights when sleep was hard to come by
And the black hole within me widened
These were my best friends

In the daytime;
Self-doubt was my companion
And worthlessness beckoned endlessly
My emotions were constantly haywire
From one end of the scale to the other; no in-betweens

I was drowning in a black sea
But because there were no ripples
And all was calm above the water
The world walked by and saw nothing
Even as I was chained to the bottom of the sea

Deep breaths and inward reflection
With the calm came peace of mind
The chains were broken and I rose
Even though there was nothing to hold onto
I stayed afloat till help came.

Photo by Roman Kaiuk on Unsplash

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June 11, 2020 at 8:15 am

Too lovely … I can’t help but read through multiple times.

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