Adediran Adetutu – “A Body Could Be”

A body could be poised like a question,

a hand raised upward,

a theorem put forward by two bodies.

It could be a given,

an assumption taken for the sake

of arriving at answers.

Bodies are projectiles flung at things at people at yourself

Words break on my body

and I break into pity,

into words that have me trapped

with no synonyms.

A body folds itself inward like secret letters

it’s swallowed in multiple silences

and calls it freedom

when it takes a shot to its head.

A body is poised like a question;

But why did he do it?

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Adetutu Adediran is a phoneographer and poet from Nigeria. She currently studies at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology where she majors in Pure and Applied Chemistry. She believes in photography as a candid means of expression.


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