AdeOluwa Adediran – “Yearning for Freedom”

This piece depicts my dreams.
I go to bed and my fears come to play. All I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve ever lost, staring me square in the face, reminding me that the day is gone, and tomorrow looms. An unending loop that makes it hard for me to look forward to anything.
I am in a prison of my mind. People tell me to get a move on. I wish it were that easy. That I could shake off the shackles that bind me and get a move on.
But it is a hard and sad place to be. My mind is burdened with struggles and turmoils no one can see, share, or understand. Nightfall mocks me, whenever I rest my head to sleep, as all my fears in the day weigh me down and steal into my nights.
My mornings are sluggish. I wake up, disappointed that I made it through.
I try my best to run from the darkness, I try to look out my window, and bare my soul to the sun, hoping maybe someday somehow, my demons will leave me be.


My name is Deolu Adediran, I am a portrait, product, Nature, and real estate photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. My works are based at my own slice of the internet – but you can also = find me on Instagram @cepit_imaging where I caption how they speak to me.

5 reviews for AdeOluwa Adediran – “Yearning for Freedom”

  1. Wisdom

    Powerful images with depth, backed up by an in depth write up too

  2. Bibie

    This is beautiful, intetense and raw! I love it! Amazing work as always.

  3. Ali

    This image is a strong depiction of the mental battles constantly being fought in depression. Just because you don’t see the chains doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

  4. Abiose

    A thoughtful work.
    An insightful write-up.

  5. Lotus

    An amazing artwork with yet outstanding write-up to bring the art to life.

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