Adewale Sucré Alli Tijani – “Villain”

“Villain” is inspired partly by personal experience as well as the need to embrace vulnerability. It is a depiction of what we all go through but hide for fear of being judged or discriminated against.


My name is Adewale Sucré Alli Tijani, I’m a Nigerian-Beninese. A Finance Graduate from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
I ventured into photography pretty much after Graduating from university. Worked as a finance associate but did photography on weekends for 3years before going full-time into the business of photography. I major into Documentary, Art & poetry narrated type of photography. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now and every day that passes by breeds in new challenges and adventures. I’m mostly inspired by people, everyone you meet has a story to tell so I tell it in the best possible ways that it should be told, mine included. My aim is to make people understand that we are humans and not supernaturals so we can’t be perfect and our flaws are what defines us so it’s important we embrace it and It’s also not a bad thing to be vulnerable sometimes..the fact that we are sometimes vulnerable doesn’t always mean we are weak.


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