Assam Gabriel – “Finding Me”

The love I sought and found. Having a well-built heart at first But soon I crashed, I scattered, I tattered. I became the subjected object. I can’t still believe I was used, dumped and trashed. I became trendy.  That hot cake became the rotten egg. Everyone passed and spat. I died, my ego, my pride was buried. But still through the agony, pain, wounds, and scars. I made my past to pass. I was shunned and voiceless. Sorry to burst your bubble”I AM THE VOICE”. I got up, took a stand, I trailed through success.  I flipped through the chapters of who I am, I found myself. And now I have peace. I AM THE LIGHT AND HOPE YOU SEEK FOR. I AM NOW.

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Assam Gabriel, founder of Assam Photography based in Lagos, Nigeria. A student at the University of Benin who has attended several photography workshops like Canon Photography Workshop, both in Basic, Street, and Storytelling Photography Workshop. A documentary and event photographer who takes images I fail to put in words. My goal is to take shots of tiny moments in a person’s life that reveal greater truths because I really believe there are things nobody would see if I  didn’t photograph them.
There is better hope with me being a photographer.

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  1. Komina Damilola John

    Gabriel. This is a nice piece and I must commend your effort.. I love the story line and how it was expressed by the images.. Just keep it up and I’m sure more ideas would suffice. Bless Up

  2. Dee


  3. Okedeji omoteso

    Absolutely splendid

  4. Peter

    It’s actually nice and so heart touching. Keep it up

  5. Oyewole lawal

    Nice story

  6. Olabisi

    This is awesome

  7. Dera

    Lovely concept… And the poem is well thought out❤

  8. Daniel Sanya

    I AM NOW. Nice photos and writeup Assam.

  9. Zipporah

    Excellent dearie the sky is your starting point 😙😘💙❤

  10. Blessing Ajala

    Hmmm…Nice write-up, good!!..”I AM NOW”

  11. Abisoye Ifeoluwa

    The story and the expression are world class

  12. Chukwuka kaycee

    Amazing… The best

  13. Dupe

    Amazing idea, very creative and the photos are great. Keep it up 👍🏾.

  14. Anonymous

    This is a very beautiful write up. I am not more interested in finding myself so i can become the VOICE too. Well done Assam!

  15. Austin

    Nice, the slide with the drawing of a key really got me🔥🔥

  16. Wunmi

    This is wonderful… keep it up. I’m honored to be your model😘

  17. Braz

    That piece is a beauty brother.big ups

  18. Taiwo Peter Oluwaseun

    Got the motivational message of standing up again when down. The lines with simple photographic description.
    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I’m Amazed.

  19. Tumz

    Crazy shots man……mad write up. I just have this particular love for your images. Always so realistic. Great Job💯

  20. Tumz

    Crazy shots man……mad write up. I just have this particular love for your images. Always so realistic. Great Job💯. Bless up

  21. Anonymous

    Great work of photography Assam🔥

  22. Noye Iyamu

    This is a fantastic representation. It tells an amazing story!

  23. Olatunde Oluwaseun

    Nice work dear, God bless ur hand wrk

  24. Yetunde Esan

    Med 🔥

  25. Margaret

    This is really nice, the slides tell an amazing story.

  26. Joy Edet

    This is amazing. Photography and story line are on point. A great job done👌👍

  27. Joy Edet

    Gabriel this is amazing. Photography and storyline is on point. Keep it up👊

  28. Olaleye Israel

    Many people go through a lot which words can’t actually express. What a nice innovation, keep it up

  29. Damola Bamgboye

    Gabriel is in his bag right here… Great work, man.

  30. Christabel

    Weldone,this is really a dope piece of work, from just looking at the picture d feelings u put into it is felt., I luv d simple nd sincere way u unveil ur idea which makes it unique. I love d lighting, The poem is perfect, in fact, everything is just in on point. Greater ideas I pray

  31. Miracle O. Ukeje

    This is pure ART! I’m still in awe of your creative photographs. I love it!

  32. Champesthella

    Nice concept 🔥

  33. Micah

    Nice one bro 🔥🔥

  34. Isaac Tete

    A very good piece of work, I’m proud of you son

  35. Ingbian T. Henry

    Quite creative and expressing the thoughts of the mind.

  36. David Teko

    Excellent work for a time as this. Well done

  37. Tolu

    Great Piece I love it

  38. Debby

    Great Pictures that speaks so loud. Well done

  39. Oganka rita

    what a show of art through photograhing ..

  40. Ajayi Damilola

    Nice concept dear, you killed it with the pictures, they picture’s represented the story accordingly. Great one

  41. Okusote Ayomikun

    Wow it was amazing I love it🥰😍

  42. Josh IK

    Amazing one. I could understand the message without captions, story telling is top notch.

  43. Bzingers

    Assam this is an amazing picture description of depression… The way you tell the story is extremely unique and passes the message well 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  44. Opeyemi

    What an excellent work of art you have done. Kudos

  45. Shanny cutie

    A job well done….nice write up

  46. Harsonbaba

    Very lovely art work, the messages are deep

  47. Gabriel

    Lovely pictures…they show a strong sense of storytelling and emotion. Keep up the good work Gabriel

  48. Akeju Sunday

    Good Job boy, Keep it up.

  49. Akinola

    It’s was perfect and extra ordinary ❤️

  50. Chizzy

    Esto se ve increíble, historia bien dicho, sigue elevando jefe

  51. Olorun_kemi

    Great piece🔥

  52. Sophia Milton

    Great Excellent

  53. Melody

    It’s so nice. I’m proud of you Gabriel. I’m

  54. Titilayo

    Nice one… Keep it up 👍

  55. Charlie Bruke.

    An amazing and unique way of Picture reading/story. It’s so deep, emotional and unique. I Love it.

  56. Omosehin Taiwo

    Wow! Nice write-up. Keep it up.

  57. NaS

    Probably if the world sees this piece they will have a better understanding of what young adults pass through and the reason why suicide is on the rise…
    Nice piece Gabriel.

  58. Judith

    Awesome 👍🙂

  59. Lavendar


  60. Eniye


  61. Mercy Omosehin

    Beautiful. 👍

  62. Tosin Omosehin

    Beautiful. 👍

  63. Temitope Ojo

    Nice piece of work. Welldone Gabriel.👍

  64. Charles

    Beautiful Concept

  65. Animashaun Folashade

    This is a wonderful piece. Keep it up.

  66. chijioke Reginald Chilaka

    Awesome concept

  67. Animashaun Folashade

    I love the story line and how it was expressed by the images.

  68. Oyindamola

    This is a beautiful concept Gab. It’s simple and thought provoking. The use of images to depict depression is highly commendable. Keep it up and never stop😉👍.

  69. Animashaun Folashade

    The story is an oil to the marrow. The sky is your starting point.

  70. Oluwadamilola A

    A work of art!💎
    And its an excellent story telling on a topic that needs to be paid more attention to.Good job!Bravo👏

  71. Animashaun Folashade

    It is an eye opener. You will continue to be the VOICE.

  72. Animashaun Folashade

    This is wonderful and emotional. You shall continue to be the greatest VOICE.

  73. Baby

    Hmmmm… Images that speaks the message out loud…. nice one dear. Keep aiming for the top, it’s yours already😚

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