Barnabas Macaulay – “Flection 1”

The esteem battle. The war within. To know where our innermost anchor is hooked upon. Is it within ourselves or with something greater than us or something we are greater than? These questions we must ask ourselves to know if we are truly living; to understand the level of humanity left in us.

These series tend to depict what our true reflection really is. Are we still as human as we are supposed to be? Can we still look up in the sky, however, the asymmetrical imperfections within and without us? Can our esteem be hinged on something greater; love? Can we re-write our anthropology?
Every component in the composition is a reflection of what is in the girl. The girl represents humanity. Looking closely at the piece you would notice the asymmetry of the woods, wig, face, earrings, shirt on the girl. The dry woods mean stagnation. These are to symbolize imperfections. This piece points us to the fact that we can still look up in the sky in search of something greater than us; aspiring to live in love however these definitions, imperfections, ‘anthropologies’. The bird represents the call in that tiny box within us which represents the sky’s call on us to look at it. It’s more like our avatar in the love world; the sky. A necessary reminder of who we are: love beings.
Series: Flection
Title: Flection 1
Medium: Charcoal on smooth pelican paper
Art: Hyperrealism
Dimension : 4ft by 3ft

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  1. The Rockdweller

    Well done, B’Mac! This is extraordinary. Every single word comes at us in crazy weight. Thanks for this .

  2. Kelvin

    Simply stunning

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