Chudy Ogobegwu – “White Paint”

Peace for me is like white paint. I find it is something I have to consciously put on. It requires that I pay attention to the moments my thoughts begin to darken; that I seek out the things that give me joy and generously paint my mind with them. Peace for me is a decision – a decision to apply a new coat of paint every day because the rain of yesterday may have washed some of my paint away.

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My name is Chudy Ogobegwu and I am a Nigerian fine art photographer obsessed with the idea of beauty and the ability of art to impact real-life issues.

I am currently exploring themes of mental health, personal peace, domestic abuse and gender violence.

2 reviews for Chudy Ogobegwu – “White Paint”

  1. Toni Akose Ogobegwu

    Hmmm! Yesterday’s paint; today’s pains; tomorrow’s… All connected. Well done!

  2. Sola ‘Biyi

    ‘Peace for me is a daily decision’ – Chudy Ogobegwu. I really like it!

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