Everest Akunwa – “The Quest for Peace”

In this time and age, it is easy to get distracted. To feel alone, and to feel invincible. There is a lot, I tell you, a lot, calling out to your attention.
With this and that, so and so, it is easy for you to miss the track; it is easy for you to feel distracted; heck, it is easy for us all to fail into the deep end.
In our quest for acceptance and ‘wokeness’ it is very easy for us to forget what is of absolute importance – absolute peace of mind!
It is not easy to find, the more you look, the less you see! So look less!
Peace comes from the smallest things in life.
“Tragedy and silence have the exact same address”.
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My name is Everest Akunwa, founder “MREVERESTPHOTOGRAPY(MEP)” I am a creative commercial photographer based in Lagos Nigeria. I wish to use this platform to create original imagery with a true sense of place, lasting impression, and evokes emotions.


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