Jeremy Kupfuwa – “Thoughts in solitude”

These photos really reflect how I felt when I went through depression. I mean as an artist in Africa I think it is necessary and an unavoidable
stage that almost every African Artist goes through. In my instance, as the pictures show, It consists of a lot of contemplation, staring into blank spaces, reflection of one’s choices, and a rollercoaster of emotions. I’d like to think of depression as a blessing and a curse. It all depends on how you channel the energy you feel from being depressed.
If you wallow in sadness, you will go nowhere. But if you use the emotion you feel to make more art then that is a message to the universe saying “No matter what you throw at me, I’m going to stay resilient and still do what I love”. Depression also comes with the feeling of loneliness and I feel all the emotions stated are reflected by the photos in my submission.


My full name is “Jeremy David Ambrose Kupfuwa” I am 20 years old and a self-taught photographer currently based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
I initiate a lot of community projects such as a film I am working on, based on the street kids of my city. When it comes out, I want it to impact many people and change lives. I’m a sort of “Public figure” and definitely “the voice of the youth” in my city. I’m a perfect example of a dropout broke creative making something out of their lives.

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  1. Chioma Elijah

    The first few photos reminded me of my grandmother. She’s very quiet and likes to be left alone; partly because we do not communicate in the same language, and partly because she has a hearing problem that is deteriorating. The first few images told me to reach out to her, she’s probably going through it.
    Thanks Jeremy Kupfuwa!

  2. Tinashe Mukota

    That is beautiful photography. Keep it up.

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