Margaret Otoikhine – “Depression and companion”

This series aims to draw awareness to the unseen battles fought daily, bringing to light, the presence of depression and its companion. The series features works inspired by my experience and those of the people around me. It is my way of addressing depression as a major topic today, especially with the lockdown, as people can no longer escape their reality but are confined to it every day.


Margaret Otoikhine (b.1997, Lagos, Nigeria), also known as 30.12 photography is a photographer who mainly uses the language of movie posters to capture humanity and tell stories, also to raise more awareness on gender equality, mental health, African culture, racism and her most recent obsession, self-consciousness. Margaret’s images are captivating and intentional as they reflect the activities of the society and aspects of humanity that are constantly overlooked

2 reviews for Margaret Otoikhine – “Depression and companion”

  1. Sola ‘Biyi

    These pictures are exceptional! Every single one of them struck a cord! They are also very relatable

  2. Chris

    This images are simply, yet,very metaphoric… lol my best in this portfolio is the play on imagery depicting one who wants to hang himself…that was epic. Your Eye and Mind are both exceptional. I hope we can connect on social media. Mine is @chris_k_udoh on instagram. I am already feasting on your page.

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