Martins Deep – “Heart Cry (Frozen Songs of Broken Things)”

The photos are weighted with themes on hope, depression, rejection, hunger, poverty, hopelessness, et cetera. They express a deep heart cry & protest to humanity/society whose milk of human kindness is going dry, sour.
It is an idea birthed at such a time as this where we must all begin to have hearts that yearns to convey, and communicate dimensions of God’s love to the downtrodden, breaking stereotypes of all things in black skin, et cetera
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Martins Deep is a Nigerian poet, photographer, and student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. His works have appeared, or are forthcoming on Writers Space Africa, Agbowo Magazine, Coffee, The Ducor Review, Flowers Forever, IconTowers Studios and elsewhere. He is deeply passionate about telling the boy child stories in his poems and photos. He is the brain behind Shotstoryz Photography. You can reach him on

5 reviews for Martins Deep – “Heart Cry (Frozen Songs of Broken Things)”

  1. Janetta Marilyn Konah

    These photos are amazing. The images bear strong emotions and strongly express what men or boys go through. I love it.

  2. Ijeoma Anastasia Ntada

    These photographs deeply express the pain, hurt and stifled emotions people carry about. I love how the photographer captured every piece artfully and with so much finesse.

  3. Solomon Maikas

    To read hope, beauty and a future where the African Child can be free to live his dreams, in these, tells one that a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words. I love this! I love #shotstoryzphotography.

  4. Ishaq Adékúnlé

    Captivating and inspiring pictures, deep stories are hidden in them. Great work!

  5. Mendos

    This is art with lots of Intel, showing the true African lifestyle. Good work Martins Deep, indeed you’re a conveyor of peace®

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