Neec Nonso – “pain (a discomfort or a trigger?)”

What is pain, how relative are our responses to pain, can the notion that one man’s meat is another’s poison a mitigator of this axiom?

These probes came as a result of discomfort in my eyes; conjunctivitis (apollo), during the period of my residency at the alexander academy of arts, design, and alternative methods, Badagry. this was spontaneously ascribed to me as a project theme for the residency to apply the experience as a point of departure.

As a postulation, we begin to probe into the notion of pain and how relative it could be. the saying: one man’s meat is another’s poison aptly describes the elasticity and the acceptance of pain either as a growth factor or as an inhibitor.

Using a performative approach as my narrative technique pulled me through instantaneous reflexes, using my body as a burden of pain. the question remains; is my pain a punishment or a spur to my advancement? how do we as people relate, interpret,  and translate pain(s).

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Neec Nonso is a Nigerian documentary photographer who captures life and its nuances. He works predominantly in digital format and travels extensively across Nigeria to capture the beauty and chaos in society.


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