Olutobi Harry – Selected

Depression selected me. No, I didn’t choose it. I never knew her and she was never an acquaintance.
I was lured into the knot by fear and anxiety.

Now, Nothing matters. I’m not good enough. The words she speaks in my head have killed my ego, esteem, Faith, and Hope.
Death is all that I deserve. Nothing else matters.

Let death select me! if not, I can just walk into it.

I look out of the window of depression, people laughing, sitting still, living and cheering even with little.

Alas! That’s the other side of my home, depression

“Walk over to the other side”, they said.

“Do it with intent.”, they said

I tried it all, intent, prayer, Faith and all of that, nothing works. Their words drown me deeper.

Then I searched the Word of the Creator, I should have gotten a note from Him, after all, He selected me first. A death note or any note will do for me.

I searched through and there it was, His promises, they were real. His Words, they were life. His Spirit, it was balm. His Name was Fortress. His Praise was Weapon. His Presence was Joy.

I felt it. I found it. I found my Peace.

I will protect it day and night. I will protect my peace and protect the gift from the Mouth of my Creator that says, I am Selected.

Indeed I am Selected. 1Peter 2:9

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Olutobi Harry Muyiwa-Oni is a Portrait and Headshot Photographer based in Lagos(Nigeria)
Got his B.Sc in Economics from Covenant University, Ota.
He has attained a level of mastery in Studio lighting, posing, post processing via the series of Photography workshops and conferences he has attended over the years.

9 reviews for Olutobi Harry – Selected

  1. Toni Akose Ogobegwu

    I found the poem quite revealing. Truly none of us chose depression, it found us, and your recipe for freedom is also apt. Well written.

  2. Sola ‘Biyi

    The lines of this poem hit hard. It is phenomenal

  3. Midafi Makka

    Impressive work Tobi! I can totally relate. Thank you for your art. I’m glad I came in here.

  4. Chuma

    Great work Tobi. The poetry and the pictures really sync.

  5. Baba Etoks

    I have probably read this more than 5 times…Alligning the poem with the visuals…Great work Uncle TH. In his presence, there is fullness of Joy!!! Thank you Sir, for this piece or art.

  6. Shey

    I particularly love the poem and that very last picture.

  7. Abolaji Arewa

    Great work Tobi, i can totally relate

  8. Jennifer Nneji

    Loved it

  9. Edobor Blessing

    It was amazing, I’m surprised at how he pin points the fact surrounding depression

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