Osagioduwa Agbonifo – “Coal”

Dear Concerned Friend,
I know you are not just curious,
You are confused
How is she feeling?
What happened again?
Why won’t she just talk to me?
Is it that bad?
Whats her own sef, we all have problems?
I know, I am sorry I can’t help you there.
I am sorry I can’t cure your curiosity.
I am sorry I can’t make you feel better,
I am sorry I can’t share.
 I can’t share because you won’t understand,
I can’t share because you can’t help me heal
I can’t share because I can’t talk about it without flooding my face or making beneath my jaw hurt terribly
I can’t share because you will look at me that way moving forward,
I can’t share because I don’t want to hear it somewhere else with all kinds of modifications,
I cant share for reasons I don’t even know,
I have only learned to heal alone, by myself with myself
I know you just want to help.
I love you for that
You are already helping by sitting still beside me in silence
I will be fine knowing that when its time, when I can, you are there to help me through it
Thank you, friend
A girl in pains she is yet to unravel


I am not an artist, but I have suffered from depression myself, and in one of those dark moments I wrote the piece below and created the picture attached with the help of my friend Olamijuwonlo Coker (photographer @olacokercreations).

The write up stemmed from my inability to express my self to those who cared enough to ask me what was wrong and I had to manage it so it doesn’t add to what I was thinking about.

7 reviews for Osagioduwa Agbonifo – “Coal”

  1. Toni Akose Ogobegwu

    So true, sometimes silence speaks more comfort than many words.

  2. Obehi Aigiomawu

    This is so relatable! I am in awe of how simple diction can lead to such depths. A trait of depression is how difficult it is to explain.

  3. Isy

    This is a beautiful piece

  4. Yuki.Gold

    This is absolutely brilliant; I have learnt a lot from this piece… I love how pure, Genuine and how relatable this is. On some very good days, Silence is Golden indeed.

  5. Wole

    You’re an artist.

  6. Chukwu P.

    Yes, there are those heart aching moments when you can’t afford to show weakness, you find comfort by leaning on the silent statue and the safe shadow it casts.

  7. Sagio

    What can I say, It is real.

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