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Eyitayo Aluko – “Floating in the Ocean”

Like a log of wood in an ocean, I felt lying in bed, the breeze blowing through the sheer curtains of the opened window hitting my face, I scurried to shut them, then I had a glimpse of the lonely street.


In silence, I heard the rustling of the leaves making the whistling sound, the birds chirping even the rhythm of my heartbeat was like the clanging of the cymbal. Then I thought to myself, should I let go or should I hold on?


Mine is like a newlywed bride, rejected on her wedding night, like an Ooid dropped in the ocean, finding its way to the bottom or a mote dancing in the rain, drowning by the strong emotions welling up in me.


Like a speck of wood surrounded by a pillar of fire, hoping, praying for the ocean waves to sweep in and quench it. Yet the fire grows stronger like a burning furnace heated up to it maximum, who will help me, who will save me? – am riding a bike with no hands on a sloppy road.


In loneliness, my masquerade tree grows admits the ocean, I want to reach for the sky yet I keep dancing to the tune of the ocean wave tossing me in every direction. Like a speck of dust I feel. Should I let go or should I hold on?


As the clouds billows, the daunting voice of death I hear. My heart quiver, sinking into its cavity, my eyes shutting, in silence, I hoped for this dark hours about me to pass as I blow in every direction the wind takes me like a leaf that fell off its branch.


The waves ceased, the gloomy clouds faded away, the fire extinguished and our ever-busy street was alive once again but yet I remain a finless fish deep in the ocean listening to the swift movement of other sea animals.


Then suddenly! Like a small speck of gold, I fall back into the stream when the miner swirls his pan, hoping to yield more gold to future prospectors as am a bit of fluff, am amber; hot and glowing – my dark sense of humour.


Alas! my crushing feeling of blue sets in, I realized am still an ignored log of wood floating in the mighty ocean of life, flowing with the tides, hoping to lay hold on even spider silk that I could hang on to.


Photo by John Doyle on Unsplash

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Oladokun Francisreply
June 1, 2020 at 9:28 pm

This is really good. Well spelt out imaginative ability

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