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Flourish Joshua – “Assassin’s Creed”

This is no 3D game,
But a game full of gameful gamers;
A battle of the mind and soul —
A tricky way to die before death

Pissed is our peace; we plea this peace.
Shredded is this peace, Princes of pieces, we are.
Comfort isn’t comfortable, we can’t come forth.

Pierced is the pressure, blurry is the lens,
Dunce are the dances, captured is the cave;
Naive is the confidence, sleepy is the dream,
Peace isn’t peaceful, ‘here’ isn’t heir.

Depression is an assassin, death is its Creed.
All that kills is not death, but all death kills.
It is war of thoughts versus struggle for life,
We are in-between; assassin’s creed is an inmate.

Brotherhood is murtherhood,
Murder boards of trustees, we lie in languish;
Tick tock! Assassin’s Creed is an inmate.


Photo by Reza Hasannia on Unsplash

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