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Hamzah Seliat Akorede – “How I overcame my anxiety attack”

I was afraid that if someone became sick, I would have another bad anxiety attack.

It all began after I had a birth control device implanted that apparently threw my hormones and mental well being out of whack.
  I switched to a part-time job that summer because it allowed for a bit more rest and less stress. But when I returned to work full time in fall, I began having odd flashes of fear.
These incidents were brief, but I knew they weren’t normal. I started to worry more about my family becoming sick. I recognized that my fear was irrational and this concerned me. One October day my husband reported that he had an upset stomach. I was completely overcome with fear, worry, and anxiety. I felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t eat.
I sought help immediately and I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder or GAD. I began taking medications, started counseling right away, and went to my mom for support. I was afraid to be alone, I wanted to stay in bed, and I remember wanting to go to the hospital because I felt so completely helpless and overwhelmed. I always had someone with me. I was unable to work. I had the birth control device removed, and within two weeks I made great improvement but was nowhere near back to normal. I had no appetite and lost weight.
Every day was hard, but I went through the motions of my normal life. After a month of not working, I returned part-time for two months, then eventually back to full-time. I explored various relaxation techniques, including craniosacral therapy, massage, relaxing music, breathing exercises, and meditation to slow down my mind and stop my thoughts from racing to worry, dread, and fear.
I continued counseling and switched to a more relaxing, gentle style of yoga. I began exploring the lifestyle of Ayurveda [a traditional, natural system of medicine in India] and started making lifestyle changes to overcome my anxiety.
Nearly a year after my big breakdown, I felt fairly normal again. But I still feared the anxiety. I was afraid that if someone became sick, I would have another bad anxiety attack. Finally, a wonderful breakthrough: When my son got sick, I did not have an anxiety attack. I felt so relieved as if a weight that I didn’t even know existed had been lifted. I was no longer afraid of the anxiety, and it felt great!
Today I feel stronger because I no longer worry about anxiety, and I know that I can rely on a number of successful coping strategies. My new lifestyle of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, walking, relaxing music, a diet roughly based on Ayurveda (I’m still learning), and the avoidance of stressful or overstimulating situations has brought peace to my mind. I have let go of negative feelings and I don’t get upset as easily as she used to.
I will stay on my current medications a bit longer and continue counseling, but less frequently. I know there is a chance of experiencing anxiety in the future, but I will be able to face my challenges with strength rather than fear.

Photo by Johnathan Kaufman on Unsplash

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May 20, 2020 at 7:40 am

Beautiful piece!

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