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Hologun Daniel – “Untitled”

The love of her life.
Now pesters her heart,
The bosom of her delight,
Now the darkness in her daylight.
Its been ten years of marriage.
Not even any miscarriage,
Oh! What a shame,
You’ve brought to our name.
Sounds of complaints.
All excuses in vain.
None can take away your pains,
Even an imbecile is okay.
Loneliness became her closest companion.
Pressures from her soulmate are second to none.
Accusers too all said naught,
Just to make her hurt.
Now she summoned courage and braced up.
To counter every evil talk.
She had decided to look up,
To the one who had them hook up.
Took it up to fast and pray.
Losing weight and stature day by day,
All she could do was to lay and wail,
That one day a child would stay.
Every night she begs him to come close.
Just doing everything with faith,
Relying on what the Bible says.
After all, Sarah gave birth to a son at an old age.
This is the last time hey!
After this, I’d get another bae.
If you’d like, stay.
Cause you’re just a waste
Finally, she got pregnant.
Thank God she was yet the only partner,
God had surely pitied her.
She ended up saying he is a wonder.
She gave birth to twins.
The Lord has done it.
All her enemies are amazed.
At how God moved her from maze to grace.
And this is my mother
Who was barren for years
But finally had me
And here I am today
Writing about her grief
Pain depression and Me.
Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

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