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Iliya Tabitha Bahago – “Untitled”

My life had always had a beautiful aroma of a bright future
I had always imagined that the near term was all I needed to grab without any problem
I was born with a wooden spoon
Yet I had always seen the brighter side of it all
There were times we had nothing, but our humanity
“You are ugly and always dirty” my class teacher reminded me because I couldn’t afford soap to bath well every day
But I smiled with hope for tomorrow
Life took a different turn
When those dreams and hopes began to fall before my eyes
My walls came crumbling on me
My fears began catching up with me
Every zeal I had crushed like I never had a dream to fulfill
Everyone became an unknown stranger
My University days ended five years back
All noise made of me been successful and great  after then became stale news
Only then did suicide became an option as everything stood still
Maybe I was cursed from the beginning!
Everywhere became quiet and calm
The earth became far from the sun
Head buried in shame
Heart racing and I
breath heavily
Thinking hell is better and  sweeter, as life itself was a living hell
Then the night came with its strong powers of resolution
A soft voice came through the thick silence of the dark earth
You are loved… It whispered.
You’re strong for getting up
Life is beautiful with you in it, so
Why waste it?
Rise and fight, for every new dawn comes with a different face
They may think I’m not strong,
But am not like them
Do I just give up and die alongside my impact on the world?
The need to persevere,
And continue being dynamic
Became my strength to live again ……

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