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Joyce Peters – “Hollow”


A predator is living within me 

Preying on my insides 

A scrap of flesh at a time 

Grabbing tearing chewing and digesting 

The feeling so painful yet so interesting 

The feeling of nothing 

Like being frozen numb 

So you don’t know when you lose your thumb 

But for me, it’s my heart

I can feel the terrible gnawing

My screams of agony translated to deep sighs

I tried to cry 

But the tears evaporate from the heat of pride waiting in my throat before they could reach my eyes 

At least I can say I tried 

So I’ll wait

I’ll wait till I’m hollowed out

Till there’s nothing more to eat

And the predator will sleep 

Then I can regrow

Regrow my ecosystem

My inner peace 

Then I’ll hope

Hope the predator stays asleep


Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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