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Kenechi Obele-Martins – “Let me know your name I pray thee”

He came. First, it was at night. You wondered how he had managed to get in seeing as the house was full, or had they all gone to bed?

He came. Boy! Did he look good. You wondered why you had never known him before now; he had been around since your childhood, only that you refused to pay him any attention.

He came. Oh! It was thrilling to see him again, but you wondered at his audacity coming in broad daylight. Hey sweetheart, it’s just you and I – no one else was home.

He came. His hands were divine, such warmth in the midst of all the cold around; your body was relaxing already. You wondered if he would do it once more. At least. The feeling was just right; he offered to become your friend.

He came. Time had passed. You made it clear you were not in the mood, You needed a job ASAP, everyone was coming down hard on you. You were not even in a meaningful relationship so marriage was nowhere in sight. He felt hurt, betrayed; you have forgotten so soon your first time abroad? He whined. You were invisible to the whole world around you then, but he had stuck close, very close. Until you found friends and left him all alone.

He came. You were already way too comfortable with him. You had a job, and it looked like you would be getting married soon. You didn’t think he should keep coming. But he was relentless; he was going to be a part of your union one way or another.

He came. You tried warning him; Nigerians didn’t keep up such friendships. How could he just keep barging in on you and your friends? People were beginning to ask what was up. You really wanted out; but his grip was strong, he overpowered you.

He came. You had summoned the courage to talk to your friend about him. You didn’t know if your friend would understand, you didn’t know if you would be judged. But you were determined to try. You decided to ignore your friend’s series of ‘I am busy’ and finally talk to someone about him. When you arrived, you discovered to your dismay that your friend, despite looking all dandy on the outside, was having an affair with him.

He came. You were at his mercy already and answered to him at his beck and call. Then it struck you that you didn’t even know his name. Let me know your name at least, I pray thee. He smiled, oozing charm the whole broad way. Then answered, Depression.


Did you know that many people around you suffer depression daily? 

Have you ever suffered from depression? 

Do you think depression is dependent on special factors like age, nationality, or sex? 

Do you think depression only happens to under-achievers?


Photo by Alex Ivashenko on Unsplash

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