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Mildred Rex – “Stolen Soul”

I did really think I was burglary proof

Till my soul did they steal, escaping through the roof

If left I turn, nothing seems at all right

Backwards has the universe turned to me

When right I turn, nothing is left or bright

All things lost I to that robbery so mean


So broken, the pieces can’t be mended

Torture live I as life in reticence

Yoga can’t give back my peace that’s ended

Oh! Punishes the Earth my existence


Far too lost now, I can’t trace my way out

Self-lost to those toxic relationships

I couldn’t let go, sunk my battleships

How’d I wound up here, I ought to go South


Feel I don’t even deserve anyone’s love

Even I don’t love the me that’s evolved

Wonder if some light there’s beyond this dark

Wonder if I’d dare to someday smile again

Wonder if some light there’s in this black park

If I could once be fine and walk dream lane


Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

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