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Muhd-Jamiu Kaothar Opeyemi – “My Silent Screams”

It’s daybreak again, I caught the sun whispering
Well, I never did sleep, I once saw it rise at night and set in the morning
The dark concealing sky is now lit, the sight is pretty saddening
Many call it morning, but I tell myself good mourning
I was once hardworking and cheerful, I toiled even after seeing the sun dim at sunset
The moment the moon got to light up the dark clouds, when our big star was at rest
I chased my dreams when the earth was silent, and sounds were barely heard
But I never made it. They said my sacrifices were for the dead
I claim to seek for help when all I make are silent screams
I hide my dilemmas and smile, even when my dresses tear at their seams
Can’t recall the last time I closed my eyes, doing that brings me weird dreams
People say I’m a lamp in their abyss of darkness when my ray of light can’t for me—make light beams
If I stop being silent, will they care or leave in batches?
Is anyone ready to receive my deformed chick, when my shiny egg hatches?
I want to embrace the sun and not curse it for revealing my dooms
I want my dormant bud to become a flower—a flower that brightly blooms
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

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