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Naya – “Warriors”

Illusion and Reality sit side by side;
And it is left to us to choose what is right.
Travel through alternate dimensions of Truth and Lies;
Go to war with Loss and Pain;
And I still hope your heart will choose the Light. 

We are warriors on a mirror field,
We choose our reflections and hold them still.
We have crawled through valleys of unending pain;
We have chained the voices to silent surrender;
We have torn through dungeons to pursue The Light;
We will not sit here and let our souls drown. 

To the warriors that fight this war with me;
I dare of you,a raging rebellion.
Tear apart the thoughts of a place of all things quiet and still,
Peace is a war we live to fight.
The fight to sleep when your being is racing,
The pain in laughing when your heart is bleeding,
I choose this war above all else,
The zeal to live and find sweet peace.
Let it be said of the ones who fought with me;
As they lay their weary heads to rest;
For the ones who doubt the strength they have;
We gave depression a deep blank stare until it looked the other way”.


Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

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June 4, 2020 at 7:51 pm

Wow… I like the last line; a deep blank stare. This is amazing really, so beautiful.

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