Slide I am developing a non-profit around the idea that art can be used as a tool for change and with a little nudge, African creatives are eager to make that change happen.
If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you about it.

Slide I asked creatives to Join me in creating works of art that addressed the issue In March 2020, I decided to use my work to address the issue of depression Hundreds of creatives from across Africa responded to the call and "The Peace exhibit" was born the exhibition has been seen by thousands of people across the globe and helped
to spark up conversations about mental health in africa
This project is proof that african creatives are eager to use their work to inspire change in society.
I want to harness this willingness as a tool for change through a nonprofit i call "ALFI".

Slide "If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him." John F. Kennedy


Our vision at Art and Literature For Impact (ALFI) will be to consistently ignite significant positive change in the African society through collaborative impact-driven artistic and literary projects.


Art and Literature For Impact (ALFI) will be a non-profit organization established to help and inspire young African creatives to use their work to create tangible change in society, by providing them with creative, financial and logistical support for their socially conscious projects and inviting them to participate in impact-driven projects that we create.

Conception Creative Support Community Financial Support Impact Projects We will provide access to studio spaces for select African creatives who are working on social impact projects through partnerships with studios, equipment rental businesses and the eventual development of “the ALFI Space”: a fully equipped photo/video studio and exhibition space. We will also provide skill development opportunities in the form of training and workshops for young African creatives passionate about social change. Design Creative Support Community Financial Support Impact Projects We will appoint community managers in different parts of Africa and expand our existing network of creatives through various membership growth campaigns. This will enable us to facilitate collaboration between creatives from different parts of Africa, encouraging them to work together to increase the effectiveness of their impact-driven projects. Consulting Creative Support Community Financial Support Impact Projects Periodically, we will provide micro-grants to African creatives to help fund their social impact projects. These funds will go to ALFI members who can satisfactorily show how, through collaboration with other ALFI members from across Africa, their projects will have an impact on African society. Photography Creative Support Community Financial Support Impact Projects We will organize a number of photography, film, fine art and literature projects, tackling various social issues every year. These projects will be a collaborative effort of ALFI members from across Africa. Here's how we will help young African creatives to spark change

Slide You are undoubtedly one of the smartest and most experienced people I know and I would love your help thinking through this idea (hearing your thoughts about out if it is worth doing and if it is, how to best execute it.)