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Sanusi Hafsat Motunrayo – “My Invisible Demons”

This is probably the 3rd time and I think I’ve failed again
Moments and days of torture have passed, but I still can feel the pain
Time’s wasted, hope’s lost, and effort’s washed down the drain
Cause the demons I thought had disappeared came back to haunt me once again
I have been fine these past few days thinking I had survived
But here comes the demons; whom from the pits of hell have been revived
What exactly is it that they want? What joy do they derive?
From seeing me in pain and in tears, from seeing my peaceful world divide
I have tried my possible best, in hopes that they will be tamed
I’ve even tried to end my own life; I’ve put myself in flames
My soul is hurting so much on the inside but I’ve got no one to blame
Why do I tremble so much even at the mention of its name?
Though it’s a brand new day, the battle continues with the same enemy
I’ve done all I could to make them leave but it seems there is no remedy
On the outside, all people can see is a brave girl who is doing just fine
But deep inside, I am broken beyond balance and I’m still breaking at the lines
I begin my day, mostly, with nothing short of a racy heart and deafening screams
All-day, I might look okay but my nights are unsettled with scary dreams
To everyone, I’m mentally unstable or at least, that’s what it seems
They have managed to tear my perfectly knitted life at its seams
My psychotherapist call them “depressive agents”, I call them ” Murderers”
Who have tampered with my inner peace destructively, making me think I made the blunder
Even though they occupy only my mind, their presence makes me shudder
They’ve succeeded in troubling my mind and soul and have put my peaceful life asunder
Again, I’ve failed but I won’t give up; I will stand up again and I will fight
Cause I know that if I can bear this stormy weather, then, I will surely see the sunlight
And although I can ignore them in the day, they tend to overpower me at night
But I will continue trying to fight them till they are no longer in sight.
Photo by Olu Famule on Unsplash

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A’ishah Aliyureply
May 23, 2020 at 5:30 am

What do we say to say to the god of giving up? Not today Not ever! I love the determination drilled into your words Sanusi Hafsat Motunrayo. Thanks for taking your time to craft this beautiful piece.

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