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Twisted Quill – “Lamentations”

Sadness lays her heavy head here
in the center of my chest.
and sows it deeper than a turtle’s egg.
It’s frost flowing through my bloodstream,
roots sinking deeper into my soul …
Her lips invade mine, occluding laments
I taste it on my tongue, cold, wet cement.
She bids me keep the blinds drawn,
“don’t let the light in. Just feel me fill you.”
And she spins a sonorous terpsichore
to my soulful symphony of heavy sighs.
as the seconds stream slowly past,
a broken carousel of extended nows.
I look to the heavens,
bleak shades of grey,
but even that is hard
for my eyes are laden with tears
and the sun shines in shades of shadow.
Gravity pulls down my gaze
lest I blaspheme,
as soulless prayers escape my lips,
in echoed whispers.
Like an overfilled cauldron my soul brims
As grief bids, the waves of my sorrow swell.
It seethes and froths Seeking a bottomless well.
Then She dips and drains another glass of tears.
and snatches a groan from the tip of my tongue,
They say men don’t cry,
but even Jesus wept.


Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

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