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Uwa Aguta – “Hold Me”

Today, quite a little
girl died. Her brittle
bones kissed the tar
and left her
cold and lifeless. The
same way she
felt while alive.
Stabbed by knives
of sorrow
through her hollow
soul. She felt nothing,
yet felt everything
and nobody was there
to show love or care.
I write to another
who wants to follow her
footsteps and journey
through to eternity,
because nobody cares,
because nobody’s there.
Those you hold dear
are nowhere
to be found.
Please stick around.
Before your body
becomes the epitome
of torn seams
and unfulfilled dreams.
Let me hold you
and help you through
these moments
till your pain will cease
and you’d find peace.
Photo by Ilyuza Mingazova on Unsplash

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